Full service firm in the
New Orleans Metropolitan area

Vezina & Gattuso, LLC is a full service firm in the New Orleans Metropolitan area, possessing a broad range of expertise for clients throughout the region and nationwide. Our professionals and staff provide the skills and experience to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our firm has extensive experience in real estate, banking, corporate matters, commercial and general litigation, education law, professional liability defense, and whistleblower representation False Claims Act/Qui Tam Litigation. To date we have helped recover over a quarter of a billion dollars in government monies.

We regularly represent individuals with knowledge of Government waste, fraud, and abuse and seek recoveries for taxpayers through actions based upon the False Claims Act, as well as similar state laws. A successful Whistleblower is entitled to a portion of any recovery based upon the information they possess, and that amount can range from 15 to 30 percent of the proceeds of an action for a qualified ‘Relator’ or Whistleblower. We have extensive working relationships with Federal and State agencies throughout the country, and work with firms nationwide as co-counsel on a referral basis or directly for the client.